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Career Changer, Software Engineer & Web Developer
No one talks to Billy that way… no one 😱

Embrace the Darkside of Pepsi-Cola Products 🥤

Assemble the crew 🐢 🐢 🐢 🐢

Yeah, we’ve all been there. SQL can be hard! 🐦

Don’t be a Frustrated Panda! 🐼 🌱 😡

Do I really need all this data? 🧐

These Oyster Nodes are Ripe for the taking!🐷

cracking nuts isn’t always so easy 🐿

No one will know the difference 😝
Before you start, you'll need:
1. a code editor(I used Vscode)
2. a github account
3. knowledge of secrets(github projects)
4. knowledge of PAT generation
5. The internet 🧑‍💻

Created by: 7Legionarmy 😎

Sam Lesser

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