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  • Shashike J

    Shashike J

    a Software engineer from Toronto with a passion for building apps and helping people transition into tech. Founder of https://www.restarone.com/

  • Dakota Lillie

    Dakota Lillie

  • Mike Cronin

    Mike Cronin

    I’m Mostly Focused on JS and web development, but anything coding related is fair game

  • Dick Ward

    Dick Ward

    Full-stack web developer with a flair for the theatrical and a mission to leave the world a better place than I got it. DickWard.com

  • Rui Freitas

    Rui Freitas

    Lead Teacher @ Le Wagon | Web Developer @ Light the Fuse and Run: http://lightthefuse.run/ | Photographer @ Rod Loboz: https://blog.rodloboz.com/

  • Josh M.R. Allen

    Josh M.R. Allen

    Crazy cool like a mouth full of 花椒 (Sichuan peppers)! Software Engineer | Rails | React | JavaScript | Ruby | AWS S3 | Proud father of a precocious explorer.

  • Julia Zhou

    Julia Zhou

    //Developer @ FightPandemics

  • Jennifer Yoo

    Jennifer Yoo

    Software Engineer

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